Meaning of Santa Muerte tattoo in 2024

Getting a tattoo is usually a personal or spiritual decision to show devotion or enlightenment to the outside world. The wearer should take religious style tattoos seriously, but what is the meaning of the tattoos of the Santa Muerte ?


bijoux tatouages santa muerte
Santa Muerte tattoo-inspired jewelry

A tattoo of Santa Muerte indicates devotion, loyalty and adoration of the saint of the afterlife and death. The wearer believes that a tattoo of Santa Muerte protects him from evil and enemies. People outside the religious cult generally do not wear the Santa Muerte tattoo.


bracelet perle homme
Skull beads bracelet by Santa Muerte

Unless you are one of the followers of the Santa Muerte, you can consider getting this tattoo style if you are attracted to it for different reasons. Santa Muerte tattoos are usually elaborate with a lot of detail, but let's take a look at the meaning of this tattoo in general.


santa muerte


Why do people get Santa Muerte tattoos ?

People from different cultures get tattoos for personal, religious or memorial reasons. For religious reasons, it is usually to display their devotion and loyalty to the saint of death.

People who practice the religion ofSanta Muerte proudly display their Santa Muerte tattoos on their back, shoulders, chest or forearms.


Chapelet homme ou femme Dark night

Rosary for men Soto dark night by Santa Muerte

There is a definite craze for the Saint of Death even among people who don't belong to this religious cult, perhaps because of the shock value or because they like the look. There is a distinct similarity between the Catholic Virgin Mary and Santa Muerte tattoos, and both are central to worship.


santa muerte


What do Santa Muerte tattoos symbolize ?

For followers of the Santa Muerte, having a tattoo in the image of their main saint is likened to a rite of passage. It is worn with reverence and pride. There are several interesting things that the Santa Muerte tattoo symbolizes, such as -

Narco Culture - Some of the most dangerous individuals in Mexico and parts of South America are devout followers of the Santa Muerte cult. They identify each other by displaying their respective Saint Muerte tattoos. For the narcos, it symbolizes the angel of death, the angel who protects them from death.

Wealth and Power - Many followers believe and claim to become wealthy after becoming members, getting tattoos, and erecting a Santa Muerte shrine.


Bracelet perle homme
Skull bracelet by Santa Muerte


The Next Life or Life After Death - La Santa Muerte symbolizes the connection between death and life after death. She represents protection from death, and they see her as a protective entity that accompanies the dead into the next life.

Anarchy - After the Roman Catholic Church humiliated and demonized the Santa Muerte cult as anarchist, the number of its followers increased dramatically. They were excommunicated because the church claims to have no religious affiliation with the Santa Muerte, even though it is a mixture of the two religions. Many devotees have tattooed the word Anarchist to show their anger against the church.

Criminal Activities - Many outsiders believe that Santa Muerte tattoos symbolize a connection to criminals and crime. There is no documented evidence to support that the wearer of such a tattoo symbolizes being a criminal. However, those affected by crime regard the Saint of Death as the protector of criminals.
Good Health - Many followers believe that a Santa Muerte tattoo will protect them from harm and promote good health.

Bravado - Although many devotees do not belong to gangs or narco-gangs, the Santa Muerte tattoo is like a badge that warns and testifies to onlookers of the bravado of the wearer and the fact that he is untouchable .


santa muerte


Is the Santa Muerte tattoo a devotion to this religion?


Generally, people who like religious style tattoos get one because they are deeply attached to it or because they like the look of the tattoo. The style, size or color can make a person want a similar tattoo.

La Santa Muerte being the most revered saint in Mexican prison culture, almost all prisoners have a tattoo of her instead of the Virgin Mary on their body. Rumor has it that it was effective in protecting them from death while incarcerated.

Followers of Santa Muerte pray with rosaries similar to Catholic rosaries. They bring offerings of food, drink, and tobacco to the shrine and slaughter animals for greater protection in darker sacrifices.

Although a Santa Muerte tattoo does not mean that you are devoted to this religious cult, it can send a silent message to people who are, and it can be misinterpreted in some cultural circles.

What is the best color for a Santa Muerte tattoo?

Another personal choice would be choosing the color of your tattoos. The Santa Muerte tattoo is no different. Colors are very often used to signify and symbolize things without the need for words. Santa Muerte tattoos are equally striking in black and white.

The following colors have meaning when you get the Santa Muerte tattoo.

Yellow or Gold - Wealth, prosperity and health when used to tattoo the veil of the Santa Muerte. This symbolizes that she takes care of the devoted follower.

Green - The use of green in the Santa Muerte tattoo will symbolize justice done to an enemy or to the faithful if they have been wronged.

White - The use of white in the Santa Muerte tattoo symbolizes peace and serenity. It is the peace that the devotee believes the saint of death gives him in this life and in the hereafter.

Red - The use of red ink in the Santa Muerte tattoo symbolizes the devotee's faith in the abilities of the saint of death.

Where to Get a Santa Muerte Tattoo?

If you are a devotee of Santa Muerte, you should consider getting the tattoo on areas of the body that can be exposed in public.

The upper part of the chest, left or right.

inner forearm
Outer forearm

If you want a more elaborate tattoo, you might consider using your entire back as a canvas. You can add the life-size globe and scythe as is customary for the Santa Muerte tattoo.

Is the Santa Muerte tattoo still a female entity?

The Santa Muerte is commonly referred to as "the lady of bones", Santissima Muerte ou la très saint mort, Lady Death or Lady of the Holy Death, which suggests that the entity represented is a woman. On the full size tattoos, she is seen wearing a garment very similar to that of the Virgin Mary, but in different colors.

In the Mexican culture of saint worship, Santa Muerte is not seen as a dead saint but rather as an entity that embodies death itself. The Santa Muerte protects against death and disease, it brings healing and wealth and accompanies dead devotees into the afterlife.

Currently, the Santa Muerte religion is one of the fastest growing religions in the world and one of the largest. You'll find Santa Muerte tattoos on people from all walks of life, whether they're kings of the narcos, prisoners, bakers, butchers, ordinary citizens or notorious gang members.


Whether you are a follower and want to honor the saint of the holiest death or find the art of Santa Muerte tattoos appealing, it is customary to receive such a tattoo from an artist who understands the cult and its symbolic importance for its followers.

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