The skull rings

Decades ago, skull rings were appreciated only by rock stars and   bikers   .   Nowadays, the   skull ring   has become more and more popular.   There are many types on the jewelry market.   They range from cheap rings to rings   jewelers   top of the line   .   There are many reasons for wearing skull rings.

skull ring by Santa Muerte Paris

By nature, men are supposed to be strong.   Many men who wear skull rings say that they make them feel and look more masculine.   Some men also say that the rings boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.   This renewed confidence helps them progress further in their career and their goals.   If a jewel   can help you succeed, it's really worth the investment.

Nowadays, a   good quality skull ring   evokes class, elegance and good taste.

skull ring by Santa Muerte Paris

These rings are not new. They have been around for decades or more.   But their popularity has exploded in recent times thanks to a generation passionate about the stars, which is interested in the fashion trends followed by celebrities.

And Hollywood's obsession with the skull shows no signs of decline.   But it's not just Hollywood.   Sportsmen, rock stars, pop icons and even the general public love to wear them.

Most people associate the skull rings with biker bands dressed in leather and the subcultures of the 70s who undoubtedly played a key role in the dissemination of this popular fashion accessory. But the symbolism behind the skull in jewelry dates from much earlier. skull ring by Santa Muerte Paris

It is believed that the use of the human skull as a decorative object dates back to the early   14th   century, when it was common to use the enemy's skull as a sign of victory in war.

This practice is said to have its origins in England but quickly spread to other parts of the world.

Art has always been inspired by the macabre and the skull, with its historical use associated with mortality and death, the skull has been an ongoing source of inspiration to describe various emotions.   Shakespeare has used it many times in his work.   The same goes for the Venetian painters at 16   th   century

It eventually became a symbol of danger, later various symbols like the cross bone and the wings were added.   The wings in particular symbolize the afterlife.

The increase in popularity in recent times, however, has nothing to do with history and symbolism, but especially with the uniqueness it brings to the wearer.

skull ring by Santa Muerte Paris

One of the lesser known aspects of the skull symbolism is that it is often used to describe strength and masculinity, which may partly explain why it remains so popular among men.

Whether it's the biker gang subculture or rock fans, wearing a skull is associated with masculinity, courage and rebellion.   Many men continue to wear skull rings every day with other jewelry.   Monks also regarded it as a symbol of power in ancient Tibet.

If you like rock, then you need to have your own collection of skull rings.   Whether it was Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones who always wore the Skull Ring , or Steve Tyler or Axel Rose, almost all rock stars have used skull-shaped jewelry in one way or another.

Women's skull ring by Santa Muerte Paris

The skull rings were incredibly cool. They represent freedom, individuality and the fact that you do not respect the rules established by society.   You make your own rules and live your life according to them.

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