men beads bracelets ( their story told in 2024 )

You probably won't believe it, but men's bead bracelets have existed for thousands of years. And, they were almost never there for practical reasons, these bracelets are one of the few purely aesthetic pieces that men wore.

men's skull bead bracelet

Dark night tigre skull bracelet acero by Santa Muerte

The history of men's bead bracelets dates back millennia, having traversed various cultures and eras to become an iconic element of contemporary men's fashion. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore bead bracelets to symbolize their social status and spiritual connection. Native Americans used beads in their adornments as a sign of wealth and prestige. During the Renaissance, European noblemen adorned their wrists with beaded bracelets as a testament to their refinement. In the 1960s and 1970s, bead bracelets became symbols of counterculture, worn by music icons and the hippie movement. Today, these jewels are regaining popularity, merging historical heritage with modern designs to create unique and stylish pieces. The history of men's bead bracelets is a fascinating journey through time, where each era has added its own layer of influence to this timeless form of expression.

men's bead bracelet

Bronze Age bead bracelet / Museum of Toulouse

There were two reasons for this. Some men wore bracelets because of their religious beliefs, for example to ward off evil spirits or as good luck charms. Others wore bracelets to show their wealth.

The trend of men wearing bracelets has become very popular for many years. First a talisman or religious protection, it has evolved to become a fashion accessory. This is becoming public knowledge, and yet, some people, especially those from previous generations, believe that men should not wear bracelets.

men's bead bracelet

men's bead bracelet by Santa Muerte Paris

Wearing a high-end men's bead bracelet can be a great way to showcase your style and fashion sense. In fact, wearing the right style of bracelet highlights you and brings out the details of your watch if you wear it on the same wrist.

Moreover, some bracelets are made from natural fine stones, believed to have a positive effect on your mental attitude, meaning they can be used as positive charms to have a beneficial effect on your life.

men's skull bead bracelet

Dark night men's bead bracelet by Santa Muerte

In fact, there are many types of high-end men's bead bracelets available for men. It can be quite confusing and difficult to choose the bracelets that would suit your wrist. However, there are a few guidelines you can follow.

men's skull bead bracelet

Rosa men's bead bracelet by Santa Muerte

  1. Make sure the bracelets are made with natural fine stones or genuine leather to ensure high quality.
  2. Make sure the metal charms are made of high-quality metals! Most cheap bracelets use a zinc alloy that tarnishes after just a few uses and can even be toxic to some people.
  3. Make sure they match the size of your wrist.
  4. The bracelet(s) you choose should have meaning for you.
  5. High-quality bead bracelets are made from natural fine stones and high-quality metals. There are many types of stones. These are rocks and crystals that formed millions of years ago. Each type is believed to have a unique effect on the wearer.

men's skull bead bracelet

Men's bead bracelet Soto Lava Stone by Santa Muerte

The skull bracelet, for example, is inspired by the famous symbol of the past - the skulls. Each historical symbol has its own set of meanings. The symbol of death is surprisingly associated with luck. Wearing such a bracelet on your wrist can have a positive mental impact if you are trying to start something new or go through difficult times. It is also a great and deep conversation topic.

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