Cross necklace - religious symbol or accessory?

In the past, people used jewelry to demonstrate their status, faith or material well-being.   We are now living in a time when symbolic elements, including religious symbols, are not always directly associated with their original meaning.   Once sacred, these objects have now become decorative elements and everyone can give them their own meaning.   A striking example of this transformation is jewelry with crosses.   Such pieces still carry the meaning of the most important symbol of Christianity but at the same time, they can be read in different ways without any offensive context.

Necklace believe Santa Muerte Paris

Quesada cruz cross necklace - Santa Muerte Paris

A cross as a symbol of faith

A cross is given to a person during the rite of baptism.   According to church laws, wear it constantly without removing it.   At the same time, a cross is a rather intimate item, which should not be displayed.   Therefore, it is suggested that people wear it under clothing.

Speaking of which, it is best to wear a cross pendant with modest clothing.   After all, if a person is baptized, then he must spiritually reach that status.   This, in particular, suggests that such a person's clothing should be discreet and not provocative.   That said, the combination of such a jewel and outfits cannot contradict each other.

The ideal size of a cross is small.   After all, in the religious world, it is not an ornament;   it is a symbol of faith and spirituality.   Therefore, it should not be large or clearly visible under clothing.   Only priests are allowed to wear crosses on clothing.

Cross necklaces can be made from any metal and even wood.   A cross is normally placed on a special chain or wire.   The face of the cross is that which represents Jesus Christ.

Cross necklace

Cruz de Soto cross necklace - Santa Muerte Paris

The cross as a jewel

Fashion dictates its own rules and today it is quite common to wear a cross or a rosary even if a person is an atheist.   In this case, a cross has no sacramental meaning and is rather an ordinary jewel.   These crosses differ from those of the church in that they do not have a crucifix.   These crosses can be decorated with multi-colored precious stones or be made of metal alone.   Cross necklaces are also popular accessories in informal subcultures such as rockers, bikers, goths, etc.

Unlike crucifixes, these ornaments are generally worn on a naked body.   Men wear pendants with unbuttoned shirts or put them on a naked torso.   Women usually place such decorative crosses in the area of the deep neckline.   In this case, there are no restrictions regarding clothing.

Thus, a cross in recent decades has acquired a completely new meaning.   He became a   recognizable symbol   which fits harmoniously into a variety of styles.   Whether you are a fan of a dark gothic, a lush royal style or you are looking for an elegant ornament suitable for everyday use, you can easily choose a fashionable and elegant cross pendant to make your complete look.

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