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Through the different models of   bead bracelets   that exist, men can also bring out their personality and at the same time improve their clothing style. These bracelets can be decorated with   fine stones   or from   beads   whose size varies according to the taste of each. Find out more about these famous bracelets in the rest of this article.

pearl bracelet man skull / Santa Muerte

man bead bracelet   by Santa Muerte Paris

The history of beads jewelry for men

According to history, the wearing of beads by men does not date today. Historical facts have shown that beads shaped gems have been worn by some men in the past. Most of them were from countries such as India, China, Greece and Great Britain.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth is said to have offered a large bead to Sir Francis Drake to reward him for his heroic deeds.

Meaning of wearing beads bracelets

Previously, beads bracelets worn by men symbolized the   power , the   wealth , the   beauty   and the   nobility . Thanks to the beads accessories, it was possible to have an idea of the place occupied by a man in society. They were then very popular with men of different cultures.

If for years this trend was no longer so widespread, many designers began to integrate beads in the composition of men's jewelry. Thus, we find today more and more men who choose to wear beads bracelets to enhance their look.

Santa Muerte skull man pearl bracelet

skull bracelet   by Santa Muerte Paris

Materials of manufacture and colors of men's beads bracelets

Like any fashion accessory, men's beads bracelets come in many   shapes   and   colors . We find the   black beads   which are obviously the most popular. Gemstones are also used in the design of these bracelets. There are even versions in   Malachite bead , in   rock crystal   or in   lava rock .

Bringing a touch of refinement to the look, the   gray beads   are also successful. There are also   colored beads   bright   such as yellow or red. In this last category, it is advisable to take care that the color of the beads is not too much in contrast with the held worn to obtain a better look.

If you prefer to be more discreet, the bead bracelets of white or brown color could match you.

To add more style and to make it suitable for men, the   bead bracelet for   man   is often accessorized. This is the case for   skull bracelets   which are decorated with an accessory bearing the image of a   skull   simple or associated with a cross.

The   wooden man bead bracelet   associated with silver beads is also very common. These include:   Tibetan Buddhist bracelets   or some   rosaries   including accessories bearing the image of Buddha. You can also find this type of bead bracelet in terracotta.

The beads bracelet: a timeless accessory

Wearing a bead bracelet does not depend on the age criterion. No matter their size, shape or the patterns they present, the bracelets are suitable for all wrists. In addition, they go well with different styles:   chic ,   rebellious ,   Zen ,   laid back , etc. Moreover, many artists and other personalities have not hesitated to wear this type of jewelry on a daily basis.

The different types of beads bracelets for men

beads bracelets for men are known to be elegant and chic. For men, it is more recommended to opt for a bead bracelet in a minimalist style. When they are made of fine stones, the luxurious side is highlighted so as to distinguish them among the male accessories. There are now thousands of models made from semi-precious stones such as the tiger's eye, the   lava rock   and the onyx . These bracelets made of fine stones also exist with different patterns: skull, cross…

A piece of jewelry to wear for any occasion

Whether he is a maverick or a follower of fashion, a man can perfectly enhance his look with a beads bracelet. This type of jewelry, which is often trivialized, has its place in the masculine clothing style. Indeed, the beads bracelet can bring a touch of modernity or a note of elegance to an outfit. Likewise, it can accentuate a style of dress, whether casual or rock.

The size of the bead bracelets for men has been carefully studied so that they are not bulky and so that they can perfectly integrate the male style. Given the thousands of models in which they are available, it is possible to find bead bracelets for all tastes. Depending on their type, you can wear them in different circumstances, whether at work, at a party, at a birthday, at a baptism, etc.

The beads bracelet as a jewel brings good luck

In most cultures, jewelry is considered good luck charms. Men's beads bracelets are no exception to this belief. Indeed, Buddhists and Chinese believe that energies are released by beads and stones. Each fine stone even has, according to them, its own meaning. Here are some examples !


It symbolizes prosperity, peace and health. This stone would therefore bring to those who wear it wealth and eternal happiness.


When worn, it would bring stability and courage. It is the same for beads which would be the symbol of wisdom and would contribute to the balance of karma.

Citrine and topaz

These stones would constitute real sources of energy. They would also bring wealth and happiness to the wearer.

The main thing to remember is that the bracelets should be chosen according to the personality of each person. If they are good luck charms, they can also be sentimental in remembrance of a special occasion or a loved one.

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