Bracelet mini Croix Noire Gerhard. -santa muerte

Gerhard Mini Black Cross Bracelet

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Skull bracelet for men or women, mini Black Cross Gerhard

Men's or women's bead bracelet in 6 mm fine stones decorated with our skull, two pewter crosses, a hematite cross and our pewter Santa Muerte logo, mounted on extremely resistant elastic cable.

Stones :

Each bracelet is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.

Most common Size for women: S (15cm)
Most common Size for Men: L (19cm)

Size XL (21cm) is to be reserved for VERY large wrists

Discover the timeless elegance of the Gerhard Mini Black Cross Bracelet, a handcrafted pewter masterpiece that embodies the refinement and heritage of the Knights of the Black Cross. Designed especially for men, this 6mm beads bracelet, mounted on an exceptionally strong elastic cable, combines style, durability and historical symbolism.

Each Gerhard Mini Black Cross Bracelet is a unique, entirely handcrafted work of art, inspired by the epic tale of the Teutonic Knights. Adorned with a pewter cross and iconic Santa Muerte brand logos, this piece exudes a mystical and distinctive aura.

The small black cross adds a subtle touch of sophistication, while the white Howlite beads , 6mm fine stones, bring a refined aesthetic and spiritual connection. Each element of the bracelet, including the pewter parts, is carefully chosen to guarantee exceptional quality and no allergies thanks to the total absence of alloys.

This versatile piece of jewelry is designed to be worn by both men and women, providing a personal expression of style and character. Thanks to its unique design, the Gerhard Mini Black Cross Bracelet is much more than a simple accessory; it's a bold statement that transcends fleeting trends.

Order now to own this exclusive piece that combines tradition, art and modernity. Express your uniqueness with the Gerhard Mini Black Cross Bracelet, a timeless symbol of strength, style and heritage.

A knight with the black cross or medieval Teutonic knight was a member of the Catholic military order Deutscher Orden or Teutonic Order, officially founded in March 1198 CE. With their famous black cross on a white tunic, the austere Teutonic Knights became masters of trade and diplomacy, carving out vast swathes of territory from their base in Prussia and building castles across Europe, from Sicily to Lithuania.

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