What does the raven skull mean in jewelry?

theraven is an intelligent bird, some people think the crow is sinister and feeds on carrion, which symbolizes sinister decadence. Others believe that the crow, as one of the divine animals of the god Odin, represents the ear of God in the world, and is an auspicious symbol. There are many theses about the meaning of the crow.


pendentif crane de corbeau


Ravens: Warriors and Wisdom

In the Middle Ages, the raven was considered a masculine, vigorous representative and a symbol of warriors. It is also said that crows and wolves hunted together. Thus, crow tattoos or crow-patterned jewelry symbolize spirit, bravery, and vitality.

In real life, crows have complex behaviors, showing strong intelligence and social activities. Generally fierce and aggressive, it can observe and learn human behavior. The crow drinking water is no longer a fairy tale but a real story.

pendentif crane de corbeau

The evil and disturbing bird

The raven is a symbolic figure in many Native American legends. Among some indigenous groups, legends depict crows as mischievous and ominous. In Western countries, crows will always be associated with the devil, as in vampire movies, the arrival of a vampire is always preceded by a crow.

The crow of the crow is mournful and in the poem Ravens, written by Edgar Allan Poe, the crow is described as a sinister, clumsy and ominous bird. Their appearance at midnight symbolizes death and a painful reminder of the solitary and sad state of the narrator.

Ancient Greek mythology had a great influence on Europe. Legend has it that Apollo, the sun god, was in love with Coronis and sent the crow to watch over Coronis' conduct. One day the crow saw Coronis with other men and thought she was having an affair with them. So he returned and reported to Apollo, who shot and killed Coronis in a fit of rage.

But his crow was punished for not pecking the man's eyes. The raven's white feathers were burned by its solar flame. Since then, the crow has acquired a bad reputation. This is the origin of the crow in ancient Greek mythology.


chapelet crane de corbeau



The City Guardians

In London, the Raven is the patron saint of the Tower of London. According to legend, if the crow of the Tower of London flies away, it means that the Tower will suffer from bad luck, and that the Kingdom of Great Britain will also be destroyed. In order to ensure the number of crows, people usually keep six or seven crows in the Tower of London. For this reason, it is not surprising that crows are considered mascots.

Crows are very common in the UK and are protected by law. Harming them is punishable as crows are believed to be able to eat carrion, prevent rotting carcasses from polluting the air, and clean the streets of dirt.


The messenger of the gods

The ancient Romans saw the domestication of crows as a solution to a public health problem, but the Celts saw them as gods, like Lugar and Bran. All believed that the crow could not be killed, and like many other animals, the legend of the crow has been woven into the legendary and practical history of mankind.

Legend has it that the earth was created by crows, and Odin, the king of the gods, often asked crows for advice. His two crows, one called Hugin, represents thought, and the other is called Munin, which represents memory. These two great crows fly around the world every day and wholeheartedly report to Odin what they have seen. We can say that they are the eyes of Odin in the world.

In the Pacific Northwest, Native American mythology portrays the raven in a positive light, as the creator of the world.

Loyalty and filial piety


Crows, from an early age, are "married". They are devoted to love, and their feelings are such that the male and female pairs remain together all their lives, and the older ones live until their beads wedding (30 years). Everyone has the right to pursue love, and the faithful crow is no exception. Although they don't know where the lover of their dreams is and when he will arrive, the crows believe that time will fix everything.

Besides loyalty, the crow has the meaning of filial piety. Crows have the physiological phenomenon of food return. The young crows bring the food back and give it mouth to mouth to the old crows, in return for their parental kindness. Therefore, the crow is actually a symbol of auspiciousness, wisdom, loyalty to love, and filial piety.

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