The symbolism of the snake in jewelery

The serpent is often used in the design of jewelry. As a popular element, what is its significance 

Despite its current reputation as a dangerous animal, the snake has been equated with many different meanings and beliefs across the world and cultures. This reptile sometimes inspires fear, even phobia for some, while it fascinates others. A mysterious animal rich in symbolism.

Even if the majority of its meanings are positive, the snake represents, in certain cultures, something harmful, evil. Sometimes a symbol of vital energy, the snake is also hermaphrodite and linked to the notion of opposites: good and bad.


collier serpent

Snake necklace by Santa Muerte

The serpent in mythology


In ancient civilizations, the serpent represented the darkness of the underworld and at the same time symbolized the luminous power of justice. Snakes have mysterious characteristics. They often appear in myths and folk lore from almost every culture around the world. There are also various legends about snakes in ancient civilizations. Among the ancient Aztecs and Egyptians, the constant shedding of the serpent was believed to symbolize fertility, rebirth, resurrection and immortality. In Egyptian mythology, Isis, the goddess of development and fertility, obtained her healing powers from the serpent.


In Greek mythology, snakes also play an important role in symbolizing life, often representing healing, death, and rebirth. The snake forms a symbolic system with the ground and the water that overflows from the ground, in which the snake has the meaning of immortality and therefore represents the life force contained in the earth. The most prominent symbols are Dionysus and Asclepius, the god of wine in Greek mythology. Ancient Greece revered Asclepius as the god of medicine, and his symbol was a rod with two entwined serpents. The snake's moult is believed to symbolize rebirth, reproduction, healing, and the power released from the depths of the earth. The ancient Greeks believed that any disease could be cured by sleeping on the altar dedicated to Asclepius.

In Chinese mythology, the snake is the assistant of the gods and a tool of communication between the two worlds of heaven and earth. The relationship between humans and serpents has become the main theme of Chinese folklore, such as Madame the White Serpent and Nüwa mends the heavens.


chapelet serpent

Snake rosary by Santa Muerte


What is the symbolism of jewelry in the shape of a snake?

The ancient Egyptians wore cobras, and many ancient Egyptian temples and even tombs are illustrated with cobras. This is so because cobras were meant to represent the divine and royalty. Wearing the cobra allows the wearer to focus on their divinity.

And that's not all, which led to the reference of the serpent as a sacred reptile. In addition to the powers of divinity associated withsnake shaped jewelry, wearing this type ofjewelry snake-themed is also meaningful, and can be worn for fertility. Note that fertility should be interpreted at more than face value, and having children as we all know - fertility could also mean the birth of new beginnings and new ideas.

Even more interesting is the belief that the reptilian is a symbol of sensuality and sexiness, which would mean that wearing a snake ring, snake pendant or snake cuffs means you are embodying the goddess or god within you who would help you to feel sexier. In other words, if you need to be confident, proud of your self-esteem and feel sexy, you can wearjewelry in the shape of a snake.


It is precisely because of its mysterious power that for centuries the symbol of the snake has appeared not only in the myths and legends of ancient civilizations, but also in the works of poets and artists, confirming that the snake is an ancient mysterious totem. The mysterious power of charm. Around the same time, when the Egyptian culture of Isis spread to the Roman Empire, the serpent symbol began to be an important source of inspiration for jewelry design.


Time flies, but fashion classics can transcend the boundaries of time and be passed on for eternity. The snake has been a constant theme in the jewelry world since time immemorial. The soft snake wraps around the fingers, interpreting the softness of the attachment and neutralizing the feeling of harshness brought by the stainless steel.


A snake in a nightmare is a good sign that your subconscious feels that having a toxic person in your life is an immediate threat, which means their bad behavior has reached the point where your subconscious already has it and needs to. notify you.

If you are bitten by a snake in your dream, consider whether you have any health issues that are beginning to improve or emotional wounds that seem to be healing. If a snake attacks a loved one in a dream, then that person may have health problems or emotional problems. If you dream that a person you don't like is bitten by a snake, it may indicate that you want to bring them down with your own "biting" remarks and "hurtful" words.

In short, dreaming about snakes is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be an early warning of danger.

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