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Coral in jewelery | Santa Muerte

Coral in jewelery

Coral was once considered a mere marine plant, yet the precious stone is actually an organic product, derived from living organisms located in the depths of the ocean.Red coral grows from the skeletons of coral polyps, animals no larger than one millimeter in size. Their skeletons, made of calcium carbonate, pile up to form coral. This ancient process comes with ancient traditions. 


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Deep in Greek mythology, legend has it that this magnificent gemstone was formed when Perseus beheaded Medusa. After cutting off his head, a small drop of his blood flowed into the ocean, becoming the brilliant red stone used in gemstone jewelry today. This ancient tale describes coral as a stone of healing and transformation. Before being transformed into a hideous monster by Athena, Medusa was considered the picture of beauty, and although she died with an ugly outward appearance, the formation of coral from her blood is considered beautiful as well. than his former self. This myth is believed to be a contributing factor to why coral is considered a magnificent healing crystal today. In this article, we will examine this gemstone in more detail, exploring its properties, location, and therapeutic benefits.


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The different colors and types of coral

The most common type of coral used in jewelry today is red in color and is often referred to as "precious coral". Typically appearing between a warm pink tone and a deep red, precious coral is popular in a wide variety of shades including deep red, known as Moro coral, medium red, known as Sardegna, and salmon, known as Moro coral. Momo's name. Unlike most other gemstones, the color of coral has the potential to fade when worn, which means that a deep red stone can gradually fade to light pink over time. Although red is the most popular choice, precious coral is also available in other colors, such as white, black, blue, and even gold. Found in Hawaii, gold-colored coral is extremely rare and therefore highly sought after, making high-end jewelry crafted with gold coral an incredibly expensive purchase.


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Where do you find coral?

Forming deep below the surface of the ocean, precious coral is produced by small living organisms, called coral polyps. This branched structure, which resembles an antler, is composed of hard calcium carbonate and owes its remarkable coloring to carotenoid pigments. Growing at an average rate of just 1mm per year, precious coral takes years to form, making large gemstones and highly sought after. Raw coral is often dull, but when polished with fine-grained sandstone and finished with a felt wheel, the organic gemstone can be used for beautiful jewelry, beads , and even carvings.

Although this precious stone is present all over the world,Torre del Greco, Italy, is home to the main center of the coral trade, which handles nearly 75% of the world's coral supply. Today, the majority of precious coral available on the market comes from the Western Mediterranean; however, smaller deposits of this natural stone are found in various other locations, including the Red Sea, Japan, Australia, and the islands of Hawaii.


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Healing properties of coral

Thought to hold an array of physical and spiritual healing properties, organic coral is commonly used as an aid for physical and mental well-being. Some believe it attracts love and prosperity, red coral is often considered a stone of passion. The gemstone can also be used to reconnect with nature, allowing you to appreciate its variety of natural wonders, with the added benefit of bringing out one's creativity and optimism, which means coral is a great tool for positive thinking.

On an emotional level, coral is believed to promote inner strength, peace, and understanding, especially in situations that seem out of control. On a physical level, the stone is used as an alternative medicine in crystal healing, as it is believed to benefit the blood, respiratory system and bladder, in addition to relieving chronic conditions like epilepsy and chronic illnesses. 'asthma.

Coral at Santa Muerte

Since coral is a protected species, synthetic bamboo is used as a substitute. Naturally white, beautiful coral reds are achieved through ancient dyeing processes. This makes it possible to create blood red jewels, the same color as the most beautiful corals by protecting them from extinction.


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