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Meaning and Symbolism of Navy Anchor in Jewelry | Santa Muerte

Meaning and Symbolism of Navy Anchor in Jewelry

Origins of the meaning of the anchor symbol

Theanchors have been used for thousands of years to prevent boats and other vessels from drifting out to sea. This symbol has something for everyone, especially those who are going through difficult times, who are about to embarking on new journeys or who simply want a touch of positivity in their life.

The anchor symbol is ubiquitous, used injewelry, themtattoos, art and literature to symbolize a whole series of positive concepts.


A brief history of the anchor symbol

To understand the symbolism of the anchor and why it is so popular among jewelry lovers, it is first important to take a brief look at the history of anchors.

The first anchors were probably just a bag of stones used to weigh ships on the water. Around the 1st century, anchors similar to modern versions appeared in Rome, and by the 7th century, similar anchor designs were in use in Scandinavia.

The typical shape of an anchor resembles a metal cross. In early Christianity, when the Romans persecuted followers of this religion, the anchor was a way for Christians to identify other Christians. They left anchors outside their homes or even wore jewelry in the shape of an anchor. Thus, a Christian comrade knew that the house was safe and could take refuge there.


Anchor Symbolism

The use of the anchor as a device to hold ships in place in stormy weather is what has made it a highly symbolic object. Having an anchor when sailing means that one will never drift or wander off against one's will.

Here are some of the meanings that anchors represent.

The Sea - The anchor undoubtedly represents the sea and navigation. For someone who loves the sea and all that it represents, an anchor is a great symbol to wear. It shows our connection with the sea and is also a nod to the importance of sailing as a means of exploring the world in the history of humanity.
Safety and Stability - An anchor clings firmly to prevent the ship from drifting. It represents holding on to one's values, beliefs, hopes and goals, regardless of what is going on around one. It symbolizes being grounded and grounded no matter what.
Hope - Anchors symbolize hope and a positive outlook. No matter what the weather is like today, hold on, wait and work for a better day.
Determination - For a person who is going through a difficult time, the anchor represents determination, getting through this period without giving up.
Eternal Love and Loyalty - An anchor is unshakeable to the extent that it holds firmly in place. She doesn't walk away when the weather gets bad. It is the symbol of a strong, stable and loyal love, where the person is deeply connected to the other in good times and bad. This made the anchor a great symbol for close friends, lovers, and family.


anchor jewelry

Considering the symbolism of the anchor, there is something that everyone appreciates about this symbol. No wonder, then, that the anchor has become a popular symbol for jewelry lovers.


anchor pendant


collier ancre

anchor necklace by Santa Muerte


Wearing a pendant is a classic and stylish way to keep the symbolism of the anchor close. Due to the anchor's versatile design, it can be styled in so many ways, from classy and upscale to rustic and minimal. Typical patterns for an anchor can feature nautical themes like the rope or the wheel of a ship.

Anchor ring

bague ancreAnchor ring by Santa Muerte

Who would have guessed that the pattern of the anchor could be transformed into a ring? A popular pattern is to make the ring in the shape of an anchor. Another is to stamp the image of an anchor into the metal. It can be done in the style of a signet ring or a wrap ring..


When to give anchor jewelry

Due to the versatility of the anchor symbol in design and meaning, it makes a great gift for a variety of occasions. Here are some ideas for gifting an anchor jewellery:


A well-chosen, high-quality anchor jewelry is a great Valentine's Day gift. It can mean that you are their anchor and will always be there for them. It can also mean that he is your anchor in life and keeps you grounded and safe.
Anchor jewelry is ideal for a graduation gift because it means the person will always have good friends and family to support them. It is also a reminder to remember your roots and keep your feet on the ground, no matter what successes and achievements life throws at you.
A beautiful anchor ring or pendant is a perfect wedding gift, as it symbolizes the couple who are each other's anchor and face the world together no matter what.
For a friend or loved one about to set off on a journey, an anchor jewelry is a reminder of safety, stability, and coming home.

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