What can we say about the image of a biker? Well, these bearded people like tattoos, leather jackets, beer and, of course, they are crazy about motorcycles. Another well known fact of bikers is that they love jewelry . No passionate biker can do without silver rings, necklaces or bracelets. We have already talked a lot about biker jewelry but let's clarify a little.

How is it that bikers wear so much jewelry ?
The image of the very first bikers was a little different from what we know today. They weren't wearing too much jewelry (if at all). Rather, they tended to put a few symbols on their clothes to communicate certain ideas. Since many of the members of the first motorcycle club were former American soldiers, they had some military badges as well as war trophies. One of the most popular trophies was the medals of enemy soldiers (such as the infamous Iron Cross). Bikers sported them to show their contempt for the processes underway in society. On the whole, military trophies have become the first accessories for bikers.

man pearl bracelet

Men's skull bead bracelets - Santa Muerte Paris

In the 1960s, Hollywood began to produce a large number of films on bikers. In these films, they were portrayed as criminals on motorcycles (which was true to some extent). These movie bikers wore wallet chains and huge rings (apparently, to create a more intimidating image). In fact, the bikers liked the image given by the cinema and it was therefore only a matter of time for them to start wearing these jewels.

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Biker rings - Santa Muerte Paris

Bikers over 50 years ago didn't have as much jewelry as we have today. Strictly speaking, the most common items at that time were men's watches and wedding rings. The bikers had to make rings or bracelets corresponding to their style themselves. Everything changed when the bikers discovered the Mexican rings.

These were large, heavy, masculine and cost around $ 5. Bikers liked that these pieces attract attention. In a bare-handed fight, they could replace a brass knuckles, that is to say how strong and heavy these rings were. In addition to their impressive size, Mexican rings featured symbols such as Aztec warriors, horseshoes, skulls, eagles, etc. Many of these symbols have remained for good in biker culture.

Today, there are many brands of jewelry specializing in accessories for bikers. You will have no trouble finding, say, the skull bracelets or the rings of your dreams. Robust shapes, weight and controversial symbolism are still very popular with bikers. The only aspect that has changed is the color of the jewelry. While Mexican rings were yellow (because the alloy from which they were made contained brass and bronze), modern bikers prefer white metals (mainly pewter and silver).

In addition to rings, bikers are fond of thick metal necklaces, leather or steel bracelets, cool-looking earrings, practical and durable wallet chains, and badass belt buckles. Many accessory brands even offer biker-themed lighters and money clips for a complete biker look.

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