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The first men's jewelry

Researchers believe that the firstjewelry were made from natural products, such as flowers, leaves, branches, animal bones and stones. In North Africa, we found anecklace shell dating back 82,000 years, with an artificial perforation in the center of the shell. It is well known that the ancient Greeks wore crowns on their heads, usually made of olive, pine, laurel, celery, or palm. Different leaves and flowers represent different gods. For example, the oak represents Zeus and the laurel represents Apollo. Early jewelry was often seen as a symbol of honor, wealth and power. The traditional jewelry making industry arose 6000 years ago, when copper, silver and gold jewelry was used to show the social, political and religious importance of men in ancient Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia. .


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Medieval jewelry for men


Due to the influence of famine, war and pestilence, the Middle Ages were considered a dark age. In this time of poverty and pain, jewelry production in Western Europe generally stagnated. In the Middle Ages, gold was the main material for designing jewelry. Commonly used gemstones were freshwater beads , amber, and coral.

The jewels worn in Europe in the Middle Ages reflect a highly hierarchical society concerned with its status. Patriarchy is gradually making its appearance andjewelry for men gradually distinguished themselves from jewelry for women. Only kings and nobles can wear gold, silver and precious stones. Crowns, scepters, and special brooches are used as symbols of special power and status. For men, the ring is especially important, as the ring is a sign of loyalty. Signet rings are becoming more and more popular. They are usually imprinted with a family symbol or crest.

In the Middle Ages,jewelry for men have become more and more fashionable. Various precious and colorful stones were encrusted on the clothes of nobles and kings, as well as on rings, belts, brooches, cuffs, etc. With the opening of trade between countries and continents, foreign gems and materials were introduced.


Renaissance men's jewelry

The Renaissance brought the rapid development of art, but also the rapid development of technology, knowledge and science. We can know, from the portraits preserved at this time, that the jewelry of the Renaissance period is magnificent, and the jewelry of this period shows the enthusiasm for the glory of that time.

It is well known that Charles I of England wore a large drop beads earring, which became a men's fashion in the 16th century. Pirates and buccaneers wore gold and silver rings. Besides decoration, ring earrings can also be used to pay for certain funeral expenses, because for sailors and pirates, life and death are linked.

The rapid development of the jewelry making industry has made it possible for people to buy inexpensive jewelry regardless of their social status. Men wear all kinds of men's rings, men's bracelets, and pendants.

Common jewelry in the Renaissance included necklaces, pendants, earrings, and headgear with jewelry. The most representative jewelry are pendants. Pendants replaced medieval brooches and were attached to clothing or belts with long gold chains. The front and back of the pendant also feature exquisite patterns, and the back is decorated with exquisite enamel.


Modern men's jewelry

In an increasingly diverse and global culture, jewelry will only be limited by people's imaginations. Different artisans make different styles of jewelry to convey different views on art. Men pay more and more attention to their own image. They don't want to just wear "ordinary" clothes, and start to wear jewelry that suits them to show off their personality and enhance their taste.

Modern jewelry for men mainly consists of necklaces, bracelets and rings. These jewelry are made from various materials, such as gold, silver, copper, and stainless steel. Men can find different styles of jewelry to express their personality and decorate their life. For example, you can find skull jewelry, Viking jewelry, religious themed jewelry, etc.

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