What is the meaning of a feather-shaped jewel?

A feather injewel can have several meanings. First of all, it is important to specify that the feather is often used as a symbol of freedom and lightness, especially in mythology and legends. It is also associated with the idea of communication and the transmission of messages, as it is generally used for writing.


collier plume

feather necklace by Santa Muerte


In terms of jewelry, a feather can be used as a form of decoration or design, often in the form of a pendant or bracelet. It can be precious metal like gold or silver, or less expensive materials like stainless steel or brass. The nib can be engraved or decorated with gemstones or beads to add value and sparkle to the jewellery.

Besides its decorative aspect, a feather in jewelry can also be worn as a talisman or a lucky charm. It can be used to represent personal values or ideals, such as creativity, freedom of expression or connection to nature. It can also be worn as a tribute to an animal or an element of nature, such as an eagle or a falcon, which are often associated with the feather.


boucles oreilles plumes

feather earrings by Santa Muerte


Finally, a featherjewel can be used to symbolize a bond or connection with someone else. For example, it can be given as a gift to a friend or loved one to show affection and appreciation for them. It can also be used to represent friendship or love, and can be worn as a reminder of that special relationship.

In summary, a feather in jewelry can be worn for many different reasons, ranging from its decorative aspect to its symbolic meaning. It can be used to represent freedom, creativity, connection to nature or someone else, and can be a talisman or good luck charm for those who wear it.

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