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What does a lava stone beads bracelet mean? | Santa Muerte

What does a lava stone beads bracelet mean?

What does a lava stone beads bracelet mean??

Thesebeads bracelets are beautiful, and many of them are believed to have many therapeutic benefits. But before looking at all the benefits of wearing alava stone bracelet, let's take a look at the basics of lava rock.


bracelet pierre de lave

lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte

Lava rock, also known as basalt, is a century-old stone formed in the earth's crust but exposed on the surface after a volcanic eruption. During an eruption, lava rocks shoot out of the volcano and rise to the surface.

The lava flows down the side of the volcano, but since the molten rock is incredibly hot, it dries out quite quickly, and the solidified rock is lava rock.

The accelerated solidification of lava rock is the reason for the porous nature of these rocks. Through the processes that give rise to lava rock, this stone is considered by many to be an important stone of rebirth, with experts believing that the fiery force of the volcano that forms lava rock gives it many therapeutic benefits.


Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa Muerte

lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte


What you may not know is that for centuries volcanoes have been symbols of creation. The fact that lava rock originates from the high heat and temperature conditions of the earth's core makes lava rock one of the rocks that symbolize new beginnings and rebirth.

One of the many remarkable properties of lava rock is the fact that this stone is a type of igneous rock. It is naturally dark brown or black, and its unique appearance is why it is used in jewelry. Did you also know that obsidian is the most popular type of natural stone jewelry for men??

Lava stone's connection to Mother Earth and the fact that the stone forms from the core of the earth is why this stone is considered a powerful grounding stone.

That's why it's recommended for people who feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed - its grounding power makes you feel instantly calm and centered.

Lava rock is mainly mined in New Mexico, Utah and California. The lava stone bracelet is recommended for Cancer and Taurus zodiac signs.


Does lava rock really have any power??

 Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa Muerte

lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte


Yes, but only if you believe it will work for you.

The main reason lava rock works and provides several benefits to people who wear the lava rock bracelet is because lava rock amplifies chakra.

In ancient Indian cultures and mysticism, the chakra is a crucial part of spiritual power centers in the human body. It is believed that there are 7 main chakras in the body, and they influence the flow of life energy throughout the body. This vital energy is also called Praana or Qi.

Many followers of the ancient belief - chakra and qi - believe that lava stone is the key to grounding or stabilizing the root chakra or base chakra through the stone's strong connection with the Earth.

The root chakra is also the most important chakra in the body, which needs to be stabilized in order for one to feel safe, positive, and grounded. The Base Chakra also needs to be well nourished to stay open and balanced.


As thebracelet in lava stone balances your root chakra, it works and improves your general well-being by creating a state of balance throughout your body and mind.

When this happens, your body's energy levels are balanced; you feel peaceful, calm, serene and generally in balance. The result is an improved state of physical, emotional and mental health.

According to an ancient tradition of Native Americans, fighters carried pieces of lava rock when they went to the battlefield, and the stone was believed to give them the courage and strength to fight and emerge victorious.

Lava stone can help you decode the meaning of dreams, which, in turn, can help you access your inner subconscious. When you can better understand your dreams, you are also able to tap into the ideas in your mind and bring them to fruition much more easily.

For people who find it difficult to express themselves, wearing a lava beads bracelet can give them the courage to face difficult situations and improve communication.

It can help shy people get a boost to assert themselves when they often feel like they don't have a voice. This will help to improve interactions between people that the wearer may encounter in their daily life.

Although anyone can wear a lava stone bracelet, lava stone is believed to be strongly linked to masculine energy. But that doesn't mean women can't wear lava stone bracelets.

Ultimately, anyone who wears the bracelet will experience and appreciate its benefits. The bracelet makes everyone who wears it happy with its soothing, grounding and healing energy.


On which hand to wear the lava stone bracelet?

Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa Muerte

lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte


Similar to most healing gemstones, lava stones are said to work best when worn close to the skin or in direct contact, as there is no barrier or blockage needed with this particular stone, allowing the energy to flow easily and clearly.

Many people choose to wear lava stones on bracelets around their wrists during the day, and some will also keep their jewelry close to them at night to maximize the stones' benefits. However, some will choose to store their lava rocks in a room near them to maintain an energetic balance and help clear emotions.

To benefit from the benefits of the lava stone on the earth, you must wear the bracelet on your left hand, because it is the hand that receives. But if you plan to wear it on specific days to dispel negativity or drive away evil, you can wear it on your right hand.

Remember that your right wrist is associated with sending energy, while your left wrist is associated with receiving and the energy around it.


Wearing a lava stone bracelet will give you the following benefits

Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa MuerteLava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte


  • It is excellent for grounding you, hence better anxiety management
  • It relieves muscle tension and reduces physical pain.
  • It is an excellent crystal for balancing chakras, as it influences the Base Chakra or Root Chakra which connects the wearer to the earth, making them more peaceful, calm and one with the earth.
  • It improves concentration and mental clarity. This also results from the balancing of the chakras.
  • It helps control feelings of anger with its calming effects.
  • Wearing it on the left wrist allows you to make the most of the benefits of the stone.
  • By driving out negativity, it brings you positivity and amplifies positive energies.
  • It strengthens the immunity of the wearer.
  • Lava stone naturally improves your energy level, and you will no longer feel extreme fatigue.
  • It also makes its wearer more courageous.
  • It is the ideal root chakra stone that is most suitable for men, although women also benefit from its benefits.
  • It is also a fertility stone.

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