The memento mori in jewelery

Memento mori is a Latin concept meaning "remember that you are going to die". This is a common motif in art and jewelry, which aims to remind the person that he is not eternal and that he must enjoy every moment of his life. Here are some examples of what memento mori can represent in jewelry:


bracelet memento mori

Memento mori bracelet by Santa Muerte


  • Death: The memento mori reminds the person that death is part of life and everyone will eventually die. It can help put things into perspective and appreciate every moment of life.

collier memento mori

Collier memento mori Santa Muerte


  • Impermanence: The memento mori reminds the person that nothing is permanent and that everything changes over time. It can encourage living fully in the present moment and not clinging to things that won't last forever.

  • Wisdom: The memento mori can be used to remind the person that they should seek to gain wisdom and knowledge while they are alive.


bracelet memento mori

Bracelet memento mori Santa Muerte


  • Priorities: The memento mori can help put priorities back in place and focus on what is really important in life.

  • Fact: The memento mori can remind the person that life is precious and should not be wasted.

chapelet memento mori

Chapelet Memento mori Santa Muerte


  • Appreciation: Memento mori can help to appreciate every moment of life and not take things for granted.

  • Gratitude: The memento mori can encourage the person to be grateful for everything they have and for every happy moment they experience.

There are many other possible meanings and symbolisms for memento mori in jewelry, and everyone can find their own interpretation based on their beliefs and personal values.

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