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Today, women are not the only ones who can wearjewelry. In fact, the men's jewelry industry is growing day by day, with men all over the world now adding jewelry to their style. In this article, we explore men's jewelry in more detail and discuss the most popular pieces to own.


Unsurprisingly, watches are one of the most popular accessories for men. In the past, watches were only worn for practical reasons. It was more practical to have the time with you than to find a wall clock, especially on the move. However, with most people now owning a smartphone, the time display feature of the watch has become useless. Today it is more common for men to wear a watch as a fashion accessory. In this light, it is often considered a type of jewelry.

In addition to completing an outfit, watches give an impression of sophistication. While it's not necessary to afford a Rolex, wearing a good quality watch can make you look elegant and sophisticated, especially if it matches your outfit.

When it comes to watches, there are two different routes you can take. If you're hoping to build a collection, buy a few cheap watches in different styles. If you prefer to invest in something more expensive, choose a timeless model that can be associated with any outfit.



While some people consider thenecklaces as feminine accessories, other styles of chains can make the room look more masculine. If you want to wear a necklace, we suggest going for something minimal. By opting for a simple silver chain, you will be sure that the piece will go with any outfit.

If you want to build a collection, buy a few chains of different thicknesses and lengths. To stylize your necklace, pair it with a plain T-shirt or shirt. It will add something extra to your look and give your outfit a hint of sparkle. If crystal healing is your thing, you may prefer to wear a gemstone pendant. This style of necklace works well when layered on a simple chain for a subtle look.



thebracelet is another excellent jewelry for men. In the past, awareness wristbands and festival wristbands were popular additions, but what is acceptable today??

If you wear a watch, it is important to opt for a strap that matches its color. If you don't wear them on the same arm, it's less important, but still a nice touch. Matching the color of your jewelry will create a cohesive style, whereas mismatched colors can seem a bit haphazard. In terms of bracelet style, there are a number of different designs for men. Leather bracelets are always popular, especially if you want to personalize them. Some men choose to have a significant date or name inscribed on the bracelet, often the date of their wedding or the name of their partner. If you suffer from pain or discomfort, you may decide to wear a beads bracelet. Made from precious stones, this type of bracelet uses the energy and minerals of the stones to restore balance to the body.



When it comes to men's accessories,rings are also very popular. The number of rings you wear depends on your style. If you want a minimal look, it's best to opt for a single wedding band or ring. If your style is a little more extravagant, wear a variety of rings that complement each other. If you have just introduced rings, it is better not to overdo it. To be on the safe side, start by wearing one ring per hand and expand your collection over time if you wish. As with bracelets, try to match the color of your ring to the rest of your jewelry. When it comes to choosing a ring, it's important to take your time. Choose a model that complements your style and make sure the color matches your watch.



Although not all men choose to wearearrings, men's earrings are increasingly popular, especially in the creative sector. If you want to wear earrings, it's best to stick to something minimal. Most men prefer to wear a single earring rather than a pair, but the choice is entirely up to you. If you plan to wear it to work, make sure you have a plain stud earring that respects the dress code. If your workplace allows it, you may prefer to wear a small ring or costume jewelry.


How to wear them

Now that we've talked about men's favorite jewelry, let's take a look at how to wear each piece.

Watches - With a watch, make sure it matches the style of your outfit. If you wear casual clothes, try to avoid anything too flashy.
Necklaces - Generally, simple, understated necklaces look the best. To add a plus to your look, pair a simple chain with a plain T-shirt.
Straps - When wearing a strap, it is important to ensure that it matches your watch. If possible, try to keep the same color to avoid a mismatched look.
Rings - If you're new to rings, it's best to stick to one per hand. If you wish, you can add more over time. When choosing your ring, it is important to choose a good quality metal so that it does not leave a mark on your finger.
Earrings - If you choose to wear earrings, it is best to purchase them from a reputable jeweler to avoid infection. You can also get them from the studio where you got your ears pierced. If your work dress code is strict, it's best to stick with an understated stud. If you wish, you can replace it on weekends with a small ring or earring.


In summary

Today, men's jewelry is popular with people of all ages. If your style is minimal, keep it simple with a watch and signet ring. If you're looking for something more original, pair your outfit with a hoop earring and a beads bracelet.


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