What jewel to give to a man?

The jewelry has always been part of refinement habits for long eras. But it was women who craved them more. They had them for every occasion. Depending on the material and ornament, there is a wide variety. Then, there was a change in habits. In recent years, men's jewelry has become a current trend. Jewelers have plenty in stock. If you want one to give as a gift to a dear member of your heart or blood family, just order.


rock jewelry 

Men's Jewelry - Santa Muerte Paris


The bracelet

The bracelet has long been part of the custom of great men. To show that they are authentic roosters, they always need more to impress women. Rock stars have always positively appreciated the bracelet. It is a piece of jewelry that adorns the wrist, making it more attractive. It is a way for some troops, some groups to stand out, to identify themselves in the crowd. It would be a perfect gift for passionate lovers or road brothers.

Men's bead bracelet

Jewelers have accumulated valuable jewelry over a number of years. But, in terms of aesthetics, it is the bead jewelry that counts. One can have  varied colors,  different sizes. It all depends on the person who wants it. Jewelers have been designing them for many years. They have refined their techniques with accumulated experience. So, if you are looking for good works to highlight your wrist, you should bet on bead jewelry. Specifically, for the bead bracelet, it can be very attractive if you know how to step off the beaten path to establish a unique reputation in  innovation.



Men's bead bracelet - Santa Muerte Paris


Leather bracelet      

You can well imagine that  leather is the unique material for revealing a man's identity. It is a good facet of his personality. As a reminder, it is the skin of animals. Synthetic leathers can be obtained by visiting good new generation material manufacturing factories. However, nothing beats authentic leather. It is the skin or fur of an animal obtained after a good hunt.  It is expensive and valuable. It is a distinct mark of a man's virility. For a gift to a man to take on a special meaning and last, it must be leather.


men's leather bracelet


Men's leather bracelet by Santa Muerte Paris



The ring

The ring is a piece of jewelry that has spanned the ages like all the great rock stars. You will encounter it in any circumstance, if not already. That is why you should put all your savings into it. At weddings, there are rings of good size. For engagements, it's even better. But, the most historical thing about rings is that some have become family heirlooms passed down for centuries. The Templars even used them to distinguish themselves from other fanatic groups of the time. However, no one can ignore the impact of a good skull ring on a biker's finger.

Have you ever seen an authentic ring with a skull? It is authentically beautiful with well-refined edges. It turns out that this kind of jewelry can be obtained for a few thousand euros. But the particularity lies in the material. You can find them in silver as well as in gold.

  • In silver : it is the preferred material for ancient jewelers. Great families have lots of jewelry that are sold at auctions. Most of them are made of this material.
  • In gold : the gold obtained from gold panners around the world allows for authentic jewelry for everyone. You can have them according to your budget. It is also possible to search for synthetic gold mixed with dirty materials. The budget will therefore intervene.

Besides rings, there is also another wave of jewelry that should not be overlooked under any circumstances. These are  signet rings. You can set diamond stones in them. These are the types of jewelry that one wears on their finger depending on their caste or social class.


men's ring


Men's ring by Santa Muerte Paris


The necklaces

From time immemorial, necklaces or more precisely chains have always made a strong impression. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must have encountered various models. It is all about aesthetics and highlighting your neck, chest, and torso. In case you want to try, there is a  range of works at your disposal. You will be spoiled for choice.

For bad boys, big chains will be of a whole different use. It is about marking your territory, creating an image. Hip-hop or rap stars have taken this aspect of the advantages of a men's necklace into account. Teenagers in the suburbs are also fans of this type of tool. They find their place in the dark side of the world, at least in their imagination.


men's bead necklace


Men's necklaces by Santa Muerte Paris


No matter the rock jewelry you are looking for, you will have it if you are ready to pay the right price. Try to envision this near future where you are on your bike with original jewelry. You should already feel better in your skin.

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