Can you wear lava beads in the shower?

Can we wearlava beads in the shower Wearing them in the shower can damage the lava beads depending one

  1. the water temperature: The duration of the shower
  2. The degree of impregnation of the lava balls
  3. The way they are handled
  4. The detergents used
  5. Quality of lava balls
  6. Waxed or not

With the short answer, we now know that wearing lava beads in the shower is most likely possible, but it depends on a few other factors.


Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa Muerte
lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte

To make it easier to understand if lava beads are less likely or more likely to be damaged if you wear them in the shower, let's start by finding out a bit more about what lava beads are made of.


Lava balls are porous

This means that they are pierced with a large number of small holes, which makes it easier for them to absorb liquids, such as those from a bath or shower.

This porous texture can cause your lava beads to get wet when you wear them in the shower.

This is because, in the same way that tiny pores absorb essential oils, they also absorb water when they are under running water, such as during your morning shower.


What Happens If You Wear Lava beads In The Shower?

The most obvious thing you can expect from wearing lava beads jewelry in the shower is that it will get wet.

However, just because this happens doesn't mean your necklace or bracelet will necessarily be damaged when you wear it in the shower.

Do the lava beads get damaged when I wear them in the shower?

The extent to which lava beads can be damaged when you wear them in the shower depends on many factors.

First of all, it is important to remember that the texture of lava balls is porous and therefore has very fragile absorption properties.

With that in mind, below are various factors that will determine if lava beads can get damaged when you wear them in the shower. Let's find out a bit more below.

The length of time the lava beads are in the shower

Depending on how long you wear the lava beads in the shower, the possibility of them being damaged may vary.

As may seem obvious, the longer you wear them, the more the beads will be exposed to water and the more damaged they will be. So, if you like to take very long showers, your marbles may lose their effectiveness.

On the other hand, even if you like very long showers, if you minimize contact with your lava beads, you should be fine.

It is easier to do this with bracelets than with necklaces, which can be directly under the water jet.

In general, if you take a standard morning shower, your lava beads won't be a problem.

However, as a precaution, be sure to pat them dry as soon as you get out of the shower to prevent them from absorbing too much water. Over time, they could break or lose their effectiveness.

Bracelet pierre de lave par Santa MuerteLava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte


The degree of soaking

If your shower ends up soaking the lava beads in water for far too long, it can damage them.

As the lava beads absorb water through the pores, they become soggy and heavy, which causes the main type of damage to your beads, which is that the rubber band or other fasteners that hold your lava beads together yield or break more easily.

This can often happen when taking a long bath, where you tend to spend more time relaxing than in the shower.

“If, in the shower, the lava balls are too immersed in the water, they risk being damaged.


How your beads are treated in the shower?

Sometimes, when you are enjoying a long shower, you can use some kind of exfoliating brush, loofah, or other type of brush to scrub your body while showering.

Be careful not to get your lava beads mixed into the scrub party! Rough handling when scrubbing and moving your hands while showering can damage your lava beads .

Rough handling can easily break the lava beads or even detach them from your bracelet.

Is your shower gel or shampoo safe to use on your lava beads when you're in the shower?.


Detergents used while bathing

The detergents you use in the shower and their level of toxicity can potentially damage the lava beads.

As you might guess, harsh chemicals and high toxicity can easily break down the soft, airy texture of good quality lava beads.

While this may not necessarily damage or break your lava beads , it will more than certainly affect the color and quality of your lava beads .

Is the quality of the lava beads therefore an element to be taken into account in the shower??


Quality of lava beads

In general, good quality lava beads have more pores and are soft, airy and light. This means that the higher the quality of the beads , the more likely they are to be damaged by heavy exposure to waterfalls.

On the other hand, as you might guess, lower quality lava beads can be much stronger and heavier, allowing them to withstand water exposure, strangely enough, than beads from better quality washing.

It is therefore a double-edged sword for quality. In summary, the quality of your beads, whether they are real lava beads or factory-prepared beads , can have the effect of increasing or reducing protection in the shower!

If the lava beads are waxed

Genuine and better quality lava beads are usually waxed. When waxed, it's easier to withstand the kind of waterfall you'd get in your daily shower.

However, the wax coating can come off if you really want to turn up the heat and enjoy a really hot shower.

Very hot showers can also change the color of the beads and ultimately affect their ability to absorb your favorite essential oil blends.

The wax layer can be removed if you like to turn up the heat and enjoy a really hot shower.

Our best advice is to only wear your lava jewelry in the shower if you use mild detergents and take a quick, lukewarm shower.

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