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Yorick skull pendant necklace | Santa Muerte
Collier Yorick pendentif tete de mort -santa muerte
Collier Yorick pendentif tete de mort -santa muerte
Collier Yorick pendentif tete de mort -santa muerte

Yorick Necklace

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Mini skull necklace for men or women made in France.

Pendant in pewter and stainless steel chain.
Pendant Size : approx. 1.4 cm
2 mm wide link chain available in three sizes

The Yorick Necklace for men embodies the bold alliance between rebellious aesthetics and refinement. Mounted on a stainless steel chain, this necklace proudly displays the distinctive Santa Muerte brand logo. At the center of attention, a pendant in the shape of a small skull evokes the timeless themes of memento mori and vanitas, offering a striking representation of the duality between life and death.

The Santa Muerte brand, anchored in the world of tattoos, rock and rebellious spirits, asserts itself through this necklace as an icon of style and individuality. Inspiration from the world of tattooing is reflected in every detail, making the Yorick Necklace an iconic accessory for those who embrace rebel culture.

Designed with careful attention to quality, this collar makes no compromises on comfort and durability. The stainless steel chain guarantees exceptional strength, while the absence of alloy provides a non-allergenic product, suitable for anyone looking for an accessory that is both bold and safe.

Although initially designed for men, the Yorick Necklace transcends gender, offering a versatility that also allows women to appropriate this symbol of rebellion and style. Assert your individuality with the Santa Muerte Yorick Necklace, a captivating tribute to the indomitable spirit.

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