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Tafia necklace Ruhm poison bottle pendant | Santa Muerte
Collier Tafia Pendentif bouteille ruhm poison -santa muerte

Tafia necklace

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Poison Rum Alcohol Bottle Necklace

Pewter pendant and stainless steel chain.
Pendant Size : approx. 3 cm
3.5 mm wide link chain available in three sizes.

The Tafia Necklace for men embodies the fearless and adventurous spirit with a touch of mystery, fusing the rugged elegance of stainless steel with the rebellious aesthetic of tattooing. Mounted on a stainless steel chain, this necklace demonstrates the marriage between strength and style.

The pendant, proudly displaying the distinctive logo of the Santa Muerte brand, takes the shape of a bottle of rum, a true symbol of escape and adventure. Its label, adorned with a skull and the word poison, recalls traditional sailor tattoos, evoking the intrigue of stormy seas and raging storms.

Every detail of the Tafia Necklace tells a story inspired by the Drake Passage, daring sailors and trials on stormy oceans. This accessory embodies the spirit of modern explorers, conquerors and treasure seekers.

The Santa Muerte brand, through this jewel, celebrates the world of tattoos, rock, and adventurers in general. It is a tribute to those who choose to live their lives boldly and passionately. Whether at sea or on the rock'n'roll scene, the Tafia Necklace carries the legacy of a life full of adventure.

Aimed at both men and women, this necklace is designed without any alloy, thus guaranteeing a non-allergenic product. It transcends genres, offering a style expression that appeals to free spirits and daring souls. The Tafia Necklace for men embodies the perfect union between strength, elegance and intrepid spirit.

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