Collier Dark night perles et tetes de mort -santa muerte
Collier Dark night perles et tetes de mort -santa muerte
Collier Dark night perles et tetes de mort -santa muerte
Collier Dark night perles et tetes de mort -santa muerte

Dark night men's beads necklace

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Skull skull for men or women Dark night

Necklace in 8 mm fine stones adorned with our skulls, our beads and our Santa Muerte logo in pewter, mounted on steel cable.

Stones :

  • black lava stone

  • black onyx

  • matte and polished black onyx

Size : 55cm

Each necklace is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.

Discover all our collections of skull bracelets , in single, double and triple rows but also our skull bracelets in leather and our skull necklaces .

Discover the Dark Night Necklace, an exquisite work of art designed for men with distinctive style. This necklace, a perfect fusion between elegance and subversion, is a unique creation from the Santa Muerte brand, the undisputed emblem of the world of tattoos and rock. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring exceptional artisanal quality.

The Dark Night Necklace's beads are a bold style statement, made from carefully selected gemstones. Featuring black lava beads , black onyx, and matte and polished black onyx beads, this captivating piece of jewelry embodies strength and mystique. The pewter skulls dotting the necklace add a rebellious and distinctive touch, reinforcing its intrinsic connection to rock culture.

The versatile design of this necklace transcends gender, offering a bold aesthetic that can be embraced by both men and women. The carefully integrated Santa Muerte brand logos add a touch of authenticity to this exclusive piece of jewelry.

Be at the forefront of fashion by wearing the Dark Night Necklace. Not only does it embody the essence of rock and tattoos, but it is also a timeless style statement. Every bead, every detail, testifies to the artisanal dedication of our team. In addition, the guarantee of absence of allergens, thanks to the total absence of alloys, ensures absolute comfort for each wearer.

Adopt the Dark Night Necklace and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Santa Muerte. Let yourself be seduced by the unique combination of sophistication, rebelliousness and authenticity, and stand out with an accessory that transcends fleeting trends to become a timeless classic. Order yours now to express your bold style and individuality.

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