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Elcaneo marine anchor necklace | Santa Muerte
Collier Elcaneo ancre marin -santa muerte
Collier Elcaneo ancre marin -santa muerte
Collier Elcaneo ancre marin -santa muerte

Elcano necklace

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Necklace anchor man or woman made in France.

Pewter pewter pendant and stainless steel chain.
Pendant Size : approx. 3 cm
3mm wide link chain available in three sizes

The Elcaneo Necklace for men embodies the bold and rebellious spirit of the Santa Muerte brand. Mounted on a high-quality stainless steel chain, this necklace features a unique pendant in the shape of a navy anchor, embellished with a star inspired by traditional sailor tattoos.

The distinctive design of the necklace evokes the tumult of the seas, the Drake Passage and raging storms, capturing the essence of maritime adventure. The careful details of the anchor and star are reminiscent of the iconic tattoos of sailors, adding a touch of mystery and character.

The Santa Muerte brand, a true icon of the world of tattoos, rock and rebellion, transmits through this necklace a feeling of freedom and bravery. Worn by men, it embodies inner strength and indomitable spirit. However, its versatile design also allows women to express their own bold and fearless style.

To guarantee optimal comfort, no alloy is used in the manufacture of this necklace, thus ensuring a non-allergenic product. By wearing the Elcaneo Necklace, you affirm your individuality, your passion for adventure and your connection with the world of tattoos and rock. It's much more than a fashion accessory; it's a rebellious and timeless style statement.

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