Bracelet San Cristobal acero tete de mort et perles -santa muerte
Bracelet San Cristobal acero tete de mort et perles -santa muerte

San Cristobal bracelet steel

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Bead skull bracelet for men or women San Cristobal acero

Double row bead bracelet for men or women in 8 mm fine stones decorated with our skulls and our Santa Muerte logo in pewter, mounted on steel cable, toggle clasp.

Stones :

Each bracelet is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.
Most common Size for women: S (15cm)
Most common Size for Men: L (19cm)
Size XL (21cm) is to be reserved for VERY large wrists

Discover the San Cristobal Acero Bracelet, a true style statement that fuses the rebellious spirit of rock and the chic aesthetic of fashion. This exclusive men's bracelet, from Santa Muerte, embodies the world of tattoos with carefully crafted details, evoking a modern rebel feel.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention, the San Cristobal Bracelet is a double strand of Red Breschia Jasper beads , each a fine quality stone. Mounted on a sturdy steel cable, it offers exceptional durability while maintaining a stylish appearance.

The clasp proudly displaying the brand name, Santa Muerte, adds a distinctive touch to this bold piece of jewelry. The bracelet features several exquisite skulls, creating a perfect symbiosis between mysticism and rebellious elegance. The brand logo, subtly integrated, reinforces the unique identity of the bracelet.

Designed to reflect the essence of chic and fashion, each piece of the San Cristobal Bracelet is crafted from quality pewter , eliminating any alloys to ensure a non-allergenic wearing experience. This feature makes the bracelet suitable for men and women wanting to express their style with a rebellious touch.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Santa Muerte, where tattoo, rock and rebellion meet. The San Cristobal Acero Bracelet is more than an accessory, it's a bold fashion statement that sets you apart. Assert your style with this unique piece of jewelry that transcends the boundaries of convention. Order now and experience the perfect marriage of contemporary chic and rebellious attitude.

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