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Montejo Houma skull and beads bracelet | Santa Muerte
Bracelet Montejo Houma tete de mort et perles -santa muerte

Montejo Houma Bracelet

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Men's or women's bead bracelet skull Montejo Houma

Bracelet in 10 mm fine stones adorned with our skull and our Santa Muerte logo in pewter, mounted on extremely resistant elastic cable.

Stones :

  • Chrysocolla

Each bracelet is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.

Most common Size for women: S (15cm)
Most common Size for Men: L (19cm)

Size XL (21cm) is to be reserved for VERY large wrists

Discover the rebellious elegance of the Montejo Houma Bracelet, a unique piece designed for daring men and intrepid women. This skull bracelet perfectly embodies the spirit of the Santa Muerte brand, merging the world of tattoos, rock and luxury.

Each 10 mm bead , carefully selected, is a real fine stone, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Mounted on an extremely resistant elastic cable, Chrysocolla beads offer a distinctive look and vibrant energy.

The pewter skull , proudly displaying the distinctive Santa Muerte logo, adds a rebellious touch to this exceptional jewel. Each element of the bracelet is handcrafted, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Montejo Houma Bracelet is not only a bold fashion accessory, but also a style statement. By avoiding any alloy, the brand guarantees a non-allergenic product, underlining its commitment to quality and the comfort of its customers.

Wear this bracelet with confidence, whether you're a man looking for a unique accessory or a woman looking to add a rebellious touch to your style. Embrace the spirit of Santa Muerte and express your individuality with this iconic piece of jewelry that embodies the perfect blend of luxury, rebellion and exceptional craftsmanship. Order now and become part of the captivating world of Montejo Houma.

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