Bracelet de Payns templiers tete de mort et perles -santa muerte

Payns bracelet

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Bead bracelet skull Templar

White bracelet in 10 mm fine stones decorated with a Templar cross reproduced from a very old sculpture adorning a castle in the south of France, our skulls and our Santa Muerte logo in pewter, mounted on extremely resistant elastic cable.

The Templars, also known as the Knights of the Order of the Temple, are one of the most famous but also most mysterious orders of chivalry. The history of this order, very enigmatic, still remains today surrounded by a halo of mystery and esotericism. The image we have of it remains inseparably linked to the legend of the Templar treasure.

Stones :

Each bracelet is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.

Most common Size for women: S (15cm)
Most common Size for Men: L (19cm)
Size XL (21cm) is to be reserved for VERY large wrists

Discover the Payns Bracelet, an exceptional piece that embodies the perfect fusion between rebellious audacity and timeless elegance. This bracelet for men, designed with care and passion, is a tribute to the mystical universe of the Templars.

Each 10mm bead is a fine stone, carefully selected for its exceptional quality. Mounted on an extremely durable elastic cable, the bracelet offers a perfect fit and unrivaled comfort. Inspired by the heritage of the Knights Templar, it is decorated with two pewter skulls, symbolizing bravery and determination.

The centerpiece of the bracelet is a pewter Templar cross, inspired by an ancient Templar sculpture, adding a touch of history and mysticism. The Santa Muerte brand logos, representing the world of tattoos, rock, and rebellion, complete the unique design of this jewel.

Each Payns Bracelet is entirely handcrafted, highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship behind this creation. No alloys are used, ensuring a non-allergenic product for a comfortable and safe wearing experience. White howlite beads add a touch of sophistication, while the bracelet can also be worn elegantly by women.

Immerse yourself in the essence of adventure and rebellion with the Payns Bracelet. Redefine your style with this unique piece of jewelry, captivating the spirit of the Templars while asserting your individuality. Order now and experience exceptional craftsmanship on every wrist.

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