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Black cross earrings

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Black Cross Earrings

Pewter pewter, the part in contact with the ear is made of stainless steel so there is no risk of allergy.
Size of the cross: 2cm

Discover the rebellious elegance of the Black Cross Earrings, a bold and artisanal creation that fuses the heritage of the Teutonic Knights with the spirit of rock and rebellion. Each pair of earrings embodies the essence of our brand, imbued with the world of tattoos and rebellious attitude.

The heart of these earrings is a pewter cross, carefully patinated in black to give it a mysterious and distinctive look. The part in contact with the ear is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing comfortable wearing without any risk of allergy. Our commitment to quality shines through in the handcrafted craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry, highlighting our dedication to authenticity and individuality.

Black Cross Earrings transcend gender, offering a touch of character to both men and women. Inspired by the legacy of the Teutonic Knights, these unique pieces tell a story of bravery and mysticism.

Explore our collection and embrace the distinctive style of Black Cross Earrings, a perfect marriage of tradition and modernity, aimed at those looking to express their rebellious personality with elegance. Order now and immerse yourself in the captivating world of our brand, where each piece of jewelry is a handcrafted work of art. Assert your style, embrace your individuality.

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