Spider jasper



Jasper is an aggregate of microgranular quartz and chalcedony as well as other minerals. It is a variety of opaque silica, appearing in red, yellow, brown or green and rarely present in blue. Its most common form is in the form of red, due to the inclusion of oxidizing iron during its reaction with oxygen. Used for a variety of purposes, including vases, snuff boxes and seals.

The name Jasper means mottled stone or speckled stone depending on the language you use to trace its origins. We know, thanks to the archaeological archives of the ancient world, from the Israelites to the Minoans of Crete, how the stone was used, mainly for ornamentation, but also to carve the jasper and place it in signature rings to seal contracts and contracts. state affairs.

The spider jasper is a black and white stone with lines in the shape of a spider web all around, giving the impression that a spider weaves a web on the stone itself


3 Spider jasper by Santa Muerte Paris

Spider jasper | Santa Muerte

Spider jasper by Santa Muerte Paris