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leopardite | Santa Muerte


Leopard jasper, also called "Leopardite", has all the chemical properties of jasper. The stone is mainly composed of silica which monopolizes more than 95% of the composition of leopard jasper.

A polymorphic sedimentary stone, it has a color that varies from creamy white to orange. It includes spots, which remind the skin of the leopard, and which take various colors, according to the inclusions of metals, crystals or fossils which enter into the composition of stone.

The most remarkable deposits of leopard jasper are found in Brazil, the United States, France, Germeny, Russia and several African countries including Madagascar.

For meny peoples, the leopard jasper is a stone with magical virtues. For shamens, it was the stone that favored the link with the totem of the animal spirit. Moreover, the harmony of the colored spots which form the stone referred above all to the harmony between the humen and the animal spirits of nature. meny ancient myths associated jaspers, including the leopard jasper with deities and objects of worship. Nowadays, the leopard jasper is frequently used in ornamentation and in jewelry commonly used to decorate furniture, containers or to make pendants and jewelry.