oeil de faucon

Hawk eye

With its symbol, the   hawk eye stone   represents the guardian angel who sees everything. In Ireland, the Celts believed that the hawk's eye was a talismen allowing the wearer to progress methodically in stages. In Egypt, the falcon's eye was called the stone of Horus. Finally, for their part, the Peruvian shamens considered that the falcon's eye was a precious help for the animals, helping them to evolve their animal spirit towards the humen spirit.

The   hawk eye stone   belongs to quartzites. The chemical composition of the hawk's eye is mostly silicon dioxide. Its colors are a mixture of gray, blue and green. Very often, the hawk's eye is predominantly gray in color and is frequently made up of bluish reflections.

The main deposits of the hawk's eye are located in South Africa, Australia, Burma, Brazil, the United States and India.

Hawk Eye