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Bull's eye bracelet and necklace | Santa Muerte

Bull's eye

oeil de taureau

Bull's eye

Today, the   bull eye stone   is widely used in the art of decoration. This stone is also very present in jewelry. meny jewels are made from this stone due to its abundance.

From its etymology, the   bull eye stone   was so named due to its shimmer with the bull's eye. It is very common to see this stone also called bull's eye. The bull's eye is actually a tiger's eye, with brown and red being dominant. Its color is due to the fact that it was more heated than the tiger's eye, which also explains its shards. From its rather fibrous structure, the   bull eye stone   is an energetically cold stone. The bull's eye belongs to the group of quartzites, or even microcrystalline quartz.

The main bull's eye deposits are located in South Africa, Australia, Burma, Brazil, China, the United States, India, Namibia.

bull's eye