Collier Zodiac Poisson pendentif signe du zodiaque -santa muerte
Collier Zodiac Poisson pendentif signe du zodiaque -santa muerte
Collier Zodiac Poisson pendentif signe du zodiaque -santa muerte

Zodiac Pisces Necklace

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Pisces zodiac sign pendant necklace.

Steel chain and pewter pewter.
Pendant Size : 2.5cm
3mm wide link chain available in three sizes

Discover the bold essence of individual expression with our Pisces Zodiac Necklace for men, a distinctive piece mounted on a delicate stainless steel chain, adorned with the iconic Santa Muerte brand logo. This captivating necklace features a delicately engraved medallion pendant, accurately representing the astrological sign of Pisces.

Explore the dynamic world of tattoos and rock with this unique creation that perfectly embodies the alliance between art, fashion and personality. The Santa Muerte brand, renowned for its commitment to individuality and originality, offers a piece imbued with character and style.

Designed without the use of alloys, our necklace guarantees a non-allergenic product, meeting the highest quality standards. Its versatile design transcends gender, providing both a bold fashion statement for men and a statement piece for women.

Affirm your unique style by wearing this Zodiac Pisces necklace which embodies the rebellious spirit of the Santa Muerte brand. Embrace trendiness and casual elegance, fused in an inimitable way in this piece that stands out for its distinctive allure and attachment to the world of tattoo and rock.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, a tattoo lover, or simply looking for an accessory that reflects your personality, this Zodiac Pisces necklace for men offers an exceptional experience that transcends the conventions of traditional fashion. Opt for authenticity, choose singularity, and express yourself with our Zodiac Fish necklace from the Santa Muerte brand.

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