Your jewelry at the right price, all year round.

At Santa Muerte, we have a simple ambition: to offer you high quality products at the best value for money. We therefore do not promote or sell.


Do not make you consume more, but better!

You will very often see promotions on jewelry flash sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, sales, private sales, etc.).

We prefer to offer you better value for money 365 days a year, than inflating the prices of our products and then balancing them. This way, you are a winner all year round, not just a few weeks a year.n, we want you to choose our products for their quality and because you trust us !

We have no unsold stock to sell at the end of the season, and our products are sold throughout the year. So why pay less today and more expensive tomorrow? And if one customer pays more than another, it means that he will finance the promotion from which another customer will have benefited. And that is not fair. juste.

So how to offer high-end at an affordable price?

It's very simple :: we have removed all costly intermediaries, which allows us to have better control of the value chain, from the design of our products to their distribution via our website.. Our margins are also lower than the market standard, but remain reasonable to allow us to pay our suppliers properly, remunerate our teams because they deserve it and continue to develop Santa Muerte and its product offer. And we can't wait! !

Staying consistent, in a transparent and fair approach, all this to offer the best value for money, it is possible. 

You now know why there will be no sales with us: so that we can focus on what we do best, namely high quality products, at the fairest possible price. All the