Cares for your jewelry

To keep your bracelet mounted on elastic thread in good condition, never stretch it, to put it on and take it off roll it on your wrist.
If it is a double bracelet, double it before putting it on, then roll it on your wrist.

Both gemstones and precious stones require a little maintenance to maintain their shine.

To avoid scratching them, we recommend washing them using a cloth dampened with 90 ° alcohol.
In general, they should also be avoided for too long exposures to the sun which could alter the color of the lighter stones.

Silver and pewter are tarnished and blackened over time, it is inevitable. Oxidation is a natural phenomenon that takes place only at the surface of the material and does not affect the quality of the product. The acidity of the skin of the person wearing the jewelry is one of the factors that accelerate their aging.
Fortunately it is very simple to restore radiance by cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth or a chamois leather. You can also use a product suitable for silverware, available in supermarkets. Finally, avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower and putting it in contact with chemicals. If it has come into contact with water, be sure to wipe it off.

To avoid oxidation as much as possible, keep your jewel in a closed bag in order to protect from air.

Avoid contact with makeup, creams and perfume and never expose your jewelry to chlorine and salt water.