Bracelet memento mori moldavite-Santa Muerte Paris

Moldavite memento mori bracelet

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bead bracelet for men or womenmemento mori moldavite

8mm gemstone beads bracelet adorned with our skull, rose and Santa Muerte logo in pewter, mounted on extremely resistant elastic cable.

Stones :


Each bracelet is made to order and by hand in our Parisian workshop.

The most common Size for women: S (15cm)
The most common Size for men: L (19cm)

Size XL (21cm) is to be reserved for VERY large wrists

Over the years, many legends have been created around moldavite: people thought, for example, that it came from pieces of glass meteorites, tears shed by comets, or even fragments of the Moon that fell on Earth. . Its unique characteristics, mysterious origins and rarity make it the most extraordinary gem in the world. Moldavite would have formed under the heat of the impact of an asteroid. This event happened about 15 million years ago, and a splash of hot glass formed a field scattered across central Europe.

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