the 12 coolest men's jewels of the moment

THEmale jewelry are currently very popular and accessible to all budgets. Formerly considered a marginal accessory reserved for certain groups such asbikers, rappers and gangsters, they have now lost their negative connotations. Many brands produce them and they can be found on almost every Fashion Week catwalk. In summary, there are many reasons why men wear jewelry other than watches and cufflinks.


Bracelet Dark night tigre acero

The White Pizarro bracelet by Santa Muerte


Dark night bracelet by Santa Muerte



Soto lava stone bracelet by Santa Muerte




Bracelet Soto White by Santa Muerte


bracelet rosa

Bracelet Soto Rosa by Santa Muerte



Potosi Bracelet By Santa Muerte



Bracelet tres hermanos by Santa Muerte



Rosary Soto dark night by Santa Muerte


collier santa

Santa necklace By Santa Muerte

Angel Necklace by Santa Muerte


collier catrina

Catrina Necklace by Santa Muerte



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