Wear a skull bracelet?

skull bracelet

Symbols are one of the most powerful elements of the jewelry industry, where a single object, as simple as it is, evokes a question of society, an emotion or an entire story. For example, skulls appear in all styles of clothing, accessories and jewelry ; they figure prominently in printed graphics and modern tattoos. But what is really behind the representations of skulls, wings and bones that we have all come to see as part of fashion and accessories?

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Bracelet skull - Santa Muerte Paris

Well, believe it or not, the wearing of bones and metal skull jewelry dates back to ancient history, and the symbolism behind these representations has not changed much in thousands of years.   Skulls are commonly presented in the myths of many cultures, from the Mayans or the Aztecs to the tribal groups of North America.

However, fashion dictates its own rules.   A skull bracelet will give any man who wears it a touch of robustness and intense masculinity.   Even if a room is heavily decorated with stones, no one will dare to consider it glamorous.   On the contrary, being able to wear such jewelry means having a sense of taste and style.

The skull bracelets evoke danger and ferocity. They are popular in punk, metal and Gothic styles.
Originally worn by bikers and rockstars , the "skull" jewel made its way into the fashion world. No self-respecting biker or rocker would be surprised in public without having at least one skull on him. If you want to be a hardcore biker, you have to wear a skull from side to side.

A skull bracelet can become your talisman. Contrary to popular belief that a skull is associated with death, in many cultures a skull symbolized immortality. Bikers also believe in the magical properties of a skull. They consider that it is their guardian angel who will save them from accidents, injuries and death.

skull bracelet
Bracelet skull - Santa Muerte Paris

So if you believe in the supernatural abilities of a skull bracelet, you can get yourself a powerful amulet to give you peace of mind. No self-respecting biker or rocker would be caught dying in public without having at least one skull on him.

These bracelets are exactly what you need to turn heads and feel yourself in your daily life. A skull bracelet will go well with any outfit or occasion. When you buy these bracelets, you will notice their versatility.

The skull bracelet is always in fashion because it is timeless, versatile and daring. The skull bracelet in particular has gained popularity because it is easy to wear. Whether you choose men's skull bracelets because they are fashionable, bold or represent your wild side, wear them proudly. The trend for skull jewelry is not slowing down anytime soon.

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