Do you know “eye” stones?

“Eye” stones are a category of gemstones that exhibit a special optical phenomenon called chatoyance. This phenomenon makes the stone appear to have a luminous cat's eye or band of light that moves when the stone is tilted under the light. “Eye” stones are often used in jewelry making and are valued for their unique appearance. Here are some of the most common "eye" stones:

  1. Eye of tiger : Tiger's Eye is a variety of quartz that exhibits a golden to golden brown chatoyance. This stone gets its name from its appearance, which resembles the eye of a tiger. It is often used to create jewelry, including rings, necklaces and bracelets.

bracelet oeil de tigre
Santa Muerte Tiger Eye Bracelet


  1. Hawk Eye : Like tiger's eye, hawk's eye is a variety of quartz, but it is distinguished by its blue-gray color and chatoyancy. This stone is often cut into a cabochon to highlight its cat's eye. It is appreciated for its subtle beauty and spiritual significance.

  2. Cat's eye (or chrysoberyl): Cat's eye is a variety of chrysoberyl that can exhibit different colors, including green, brown, yellow and black. What makes this stone unique is its chatoyancy in a straight line shape that resembles a cat's eye. It is commonly used to make rings, earrings and pendants.

  3. Berylliosite: Berylliosite is a variety of beryl that can also exhibit a shimmering effect. It is less common than other "eye" stones, but is sometimes used in jewelry creation for its attractive chatoyancy.

  4. Moonstone “eye”: Although moonstone is more often associated with the effect of adularescence (milky play of colors), there are also varieties of moonstone that exhibit a cat's eye-shaped chatoyance.

These “eye” stones are valued for their natural beauty and uniqueness. They are often used in jewelry creation, particularly for rings, necklaces and earrings, where their chatoyancy can be fully appreciated under light. “Eye” stones are also associated with various spiritual beliefs and meanings, including protection and mental clarity.

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